Eco-Friendly Organic Baby Clothing Store
At Eco-Friendly Organic Baby Clothing Store, we are featuring clothing which was produced without being harmful to the environment. Our clothing is made from organic wholesome material such as cotton or bamboo which was grown on farms and not treated with harsh chemicals, thus making these clothes perfect for your baby's skin. You or a friend are expecting and you want to have the discovery at birth - boy or girl. The unisex onesies are perfect for you decision.

These glorious unisex sleeper and onesies are made of organic cotton. This is what you want your baby to feel against their skins.
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Phone: 609-871-6652
UniSex Size:
UniSex Size:

Organic Cotton Sleeper and Organic Cotton Onesies - Unisex

Unisex: I am cute -  4 piece Gift Set
Unisex: White - 5 piece bodysuit, short sleeves